Remnants of Earth Logo

Open World PvP

The world is dangerous, and anyone or any thing could be watching to take advantage of an opportune moment. Make sure you're armed and ready!

Player Driven Economy

Open your own shop, start a firm, regulate taxes, and buy, sell and trade on your own terms.

Player Housing

You can purchase a rental that you can decorate all your own, to have your own privacy or plop down your own little business inside.

Character Customization

With a variety of races, gear, organizations, cultures and expanding lore, there are many opportunities to make every character different.

Dynamic Environment

Damage structures, construct buildings, participate in politics, and more. But watch out, your actions may draw attention.

Dynamic Weather

The people and creatures of Earth are not your only enemies. The weather may work against you, so always be prepared for mother nature's wrath.

Seize Destiny

Any character can become a mere peasant, a legendary warrior, or a wealthy ambassador. Choose your destiny, and seize it, it's yours!