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What is RoE?

Have you ever played a table top game in real life, having to go through the pains of getting friends and food together, then only being able to play one night a week? Then having to put the whole thing on hold because one person doesn't show up? Maybe you don't have friends that are into table top gaming as much as you? Remnants of Earth is for you! We've built a fully featured pen and paper role playing game within one of the best platforms to roleplay on: Second Life. You can play any time! With no limits, friendly DMs and hundreds of other players. You will mine, quest, craft, collect, and even fight other players and NPCs within this cyberpunk wasteland fantasy adventure, all within the meterverse of Second Life! Wield mighty plasma cannons, or sling magic spells, pick from tons of different races, like cunning space elves, or stubborn dwarfs. Your adventure starts here!

Remnants of Earth is a cyberpunk-fantasy role playing game within the metaverse of Second Life, with a heavy basis around classic pen and paper RPGs elements, like; dice rolling, stats, monster fighting, story driven events, MMO-like adventuring, and gathering. RoE is the first second life pen and paper table top game in SL, while still keeping the core features of any other roleplay sim. Players can interact with NPCs and other players to accomplish goals, and even engage in heated PvP faction wars. We even have a full crafting and mining system! Think of RoE as a fully functioning table top game in SL, like Dungeons and Dragons, or ShadowRun.

You'll experience nothing else like it in SL.
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What is the story of RoE?

The current year is 2130, mankind has just passed the pre-mature stages of expanding out into the solar system over the years and have established colonies on moons such as Titan, Ganymede, and the Earth's Moon along with key planets such as Mars, Venus and Jupiter. After the Resource War and the following horrific events of The Gate Incident, Earth has been rendered a mostly barren husk of it's former glory devoid of a proper rule of law from the neglect of it's former governing body, and is controlled loosely by it while everything else is ruled by either crime, vagrants or corporation military contractors and police for whatever goal they may be shooting for.

Humanity has been on a decline ever since, but has begun picking itself up over the years of forming civilization upon other worlds, though the solar system is now plagued with such dangers are outlaws, pirates and criminal syndicates preying upon the galaxy to carve out their piece of the universe amongst the turmoil of space travel since the Earth's demise, which gave rise to a unique breed of outlaw in the form of bounty hunters to track down and cash in on criminals the local system wanted gone and couldn't handle through normal means. Economy between worlds flourished mainly through trade, bounty hunters, and the entertainment and gambling industries respectively. The universe is now a gold mine of opportunity.

You are on Earth and what remains of it, which has become an epicenter of the lawlessness of the solar system in the wastelands caused by it's explosive demise. You'll find yourself within the city of Horizon, the remains of a city in the remote area of the wastes bustling with whatever finds it's way through the streets.